Chapel & Tree Collage
Cedar Hill Enrichment Center is a space to rest, revive and reconnect. We offer a variety of programming on our 17- acre property to soothe the spirit, teach the mind and care for Earth. Dedicated to simple living and mindful practices, our facilities are the perfect place for unique presentations, personal or group retreats and more. Be transported by our southern charm to a space of reconnection with yourself and with nature. We welcome you to enjoy our brand of simple, serene living and invite you to come Discover Cedar Hill.

As a Center for Sustainable Living, Cedar Hill Enrichment Center is focused on these three main areas: (Please see our Offerings page for further details)

Earth Literacy

  • Natural, chemical free gardening (beyond organic)
  • Composting (including vermicomposting)
  • Permaculture


Horticultural Therapy

  • Horticultural Therapy (HT) is a process that utilizes horticultural and gardening activities for the improvement of social, emotional, physical, and cognitive aspects in the participants. More simply put, rather than focusing on disability or disease, HT takes a holistic approach of connecting people and plants.  Cedar Hill offers guided labyrinth walks, and customized horticulture therapy programming and retreats for individuals and groups. Please give us a call to schedule a consultation with Kat.